Plate Physalis€ 15
Vegetables terrine, melon, cured ham, gazpacho, green salad
Salad ceasar€ 13
Green salad, tomato, corn, mushroom, chicken, parmesan cheese
Salad of goat(tackle)€ 12,50
Green salad, tomato, corn, mushroom, hot goat cheese
Homemade Duck Foie gras€ 14
Half-cooked homemade Duck "foie gras" with grilled bread and fig
Scandinavian salad€ 13,00
Green salad, salmon, shrimp, cream, almond
Gourmet salad€ 13,50
Green salade, gizzards, smoke duck breasts
Crunchy€ 12,00
Crunchy of goat in the pesto, green salad
Asparguses€ 12,50
One thousand sheet of asparaguses
Salmon€ 18,50
Poel salmon steack
Chicken€ 18
Chicken ballotine, wipes forester
Fishes and shellfish€ 18,00
Cassolette of fishes and shellfish in the small vegetables, lime sauce
Beef€ 22
Beef filet with sichuan pepper
Duck€ 19,00
Duck filet with whisky
Cheese Plate€ 7
Plain Faisselle (soft cheese)€ 4
Faisselle with Honey or raspberry coulis or cream€ 4,50
Moist chocolate€ 6
Moist chocolate cake with custard cream
Apples€ 6
Purse of apples and his scoop of ice cream
Coupe colonel (green lime sorbet with vodka)€ 6
Gourmet coffe€ 8,50
Crème brulée€ 6
Assorted Ice Cream and Sorbet€ 5
Choice of 2 balls: Vanilla, chocolate, caramel, rum raisin, yoghurt, raspberry, pineapple, green lime, strawberry, mint chocolate - Supplement € 2 Ball